Beverage Wares

Sorry NO TENTS at this time. We have a $250 minimum on all rental orders. Delivery starts at $250

Call American Party Place (253-473-3300) or CORT Party Rentals (253-922-9898) for smaller orders

Red Wine Glass
20 oz Coke Glass
White Wine Glass
9 oz Cocktail glass
8 oz Brandy Snifter
2 oz Shot Glass
11 oz Water Goblet
9 oz Rocks Glass
16 oz Beverage Glass
6 oz Martini Glass
16 oz plisner Glass
Traditional Champagne Glass
6.5 oz Champagne Flute
Half gallon polycarbonite beverage pitcher
Half gallon polycarbonite beverage pitcher
Dispenser Hold 3 gallons of your Kid friendly polycarbonite
Cambro Insulated beverage carrier Holds your favorite beverage at temp all day


Mirror Finish Shell
Dinner Fork
Salad Fork
Dinner Knife
Soup Spoon
Tea Spoon
Butter Spreader
Oyster Fork
Demitasse Spoon
Iced Tea Spoon
Dinner Fork
Dinner Knife
Soup Spoon
Oyster Fork
Iced Tea Spoon

  CHAIRS Minimum 100 Chairs ***

Elegant White Resin Wedding Chair
2.95 Our price
American Party Place 3.00
Cort (AA Party Rentals) 3.75
White Folding Chair 2.25 each Only 50 Minimum
Brown Metal Folding Chair with Padded Seat ONLY 1.75 100 Minimum

  TABLES $12.00 each

Round Table Rentals 60" Seat 8 guests
Banquet Table Rentals 8 Foot Seat 8 guests 6 Foot Seat 6 Guests 4 Foot (great for sign up/guest book table) reg and tall bistro/bar
Serpentine Tables add some excitement to you event
Light weight folding cocktail table 42" tall 24"round top


Make your wedding look great with our column rentals
Complete wedding packages just 129. Decor not included. *****Delivery additional


We can now provide you with the ultimate in decadence

Our “Full-Service” rental of the Large 35″ chocolate fountain is just $429 and just $329 monitor and clean-up the chocolate fountain when the event is over. It also includes the following:

* Enough chocolate for 50-100 (medium) or 100-200 guests
* Skewers for 100 or 200 guests
* Our Drip-Zone coverage to keep your table clean
* An attendant to organize and refresh your dipping items for the chocolate fountain
* Nothing for you to worry about regarding the chocolate fountain

If you are worried about setting up or cleaning up the chocolate fountain, don’t. Our chocolate fountain representatives will do all that for you. With our full service chocolate fondue fountain rental, you don’t have to lift a finger. We do all the work.

Chances are if you have seen a chocolate fountain in these areas, it was us!
Let our “Full-Service” chocolate fountain rental make your party or wedding even
better! We have several chocolate fountain options
Large fountain 100-200 guests 11 pounds of chocolate
Medium Fountain 50-100 guests 5 pounds chocolate
Small Fountain 10-30 guests 2.5 pounds chocolate


Hollywood Red Carpet 25 Feet x 3 Feet
Only $49.99
Treat Yourself And Guests To The Red Carpet Treatment
Add To The Treatment With Stanchions
-8ft Long Per set For 24.99 Per Set
– Red Carpet Package 110.00 Includes 3
Sets of Stanchions!


At Taste of the Town Catering Discount Party
Rentals we specialize in inexpensive linens
White                   45*45
Ivory                    52*52
Black                   62*62
Burgundy           72*72
Red                      87*87
Green                  54*72


event two standard and one vegetarian (never had meat cooked on it) just one of these grills can handle 60 burgers,
120 hot dogs or 6 whole racks of ribs. all three can handle
events for over a thousand. Reserve early as these book fast in the summer 425. without propane




Viewsonic 3300 lumen video projector Connections for:
Laptop HDMI RCA Jacks USB Awesome projector for all your needs
Wireless Lapel / Headset Microphone You will still need speakers to hook it up
Projector Screens 4,6 and 8 Foot Only 15.
Mackie PA Setup
DJ Lights
Shure Cordless Microphone
Vizio 42" HD 1080p LCD TV
The Block Rocker
The perfect portable speaker system for traveling musicians, entertainers and event coordinators.A long-lasting rechargeable battery, sturdy construction and portable design, make certain the BLOCK ROCKER can be taken anywhere and everywhere. It features a high-efficiency amplifier with four inputs for connecting microphones, instruments, CD/MP3 players, and a universal dock for iPod. This powerhouse sound system makes every mobile event a success. Battery Powered no outlet needed up to 12 hours
**comes with corded microphone and cord to connect your electronic devices Only 35.00


Helium is in extremely Short Supply at this time and we may not have it in stock or may run out without notice. Sorry for any inconvenience
$109.. – Tank with 40 cubic feet (for 75 11″balloons or 135 9″ Balloons) 159. – Tank with 80 cubic feet (for 150 11″balloons or 225 9″ Balloons) $225. – Tank with 125 cubic feet (for 240 11″balloons or 450+ 9″ Balloons) Includes valve

FREE Pickup or 50. Delivery
1. Set it in a secure location-
2. Remove metal safety cap (if applies)
3. Gently screw on inflater valve, do not over tighter
4. Fill balloons till just inflated Do Not Overfill Balloons


Genuine Non Flammable gas helium Gas

Safety warning:
All helium tank cylinders need to be secured; this is the renter’s responsibility. Helium is a non-toxic, non-flammable gas, however it is dangerous to breathe in the gas from the cylinder, or even from an inflated balloon. We recommend that you transport the helium tank cylinder in the trunk of your car. If you must transport it in the passenger compartment, make sure it is secured and you have at least one window open at all times Delivery Information

Delivery Information
Delivery of our helium tanks are available at a nominal fee.
Delivery and pick-up will be made to ground level, to easily
accessible buildings and yards. There is an additional charge for
upstairs, downstairs, long distance hauling and for deliveries
outside of our normal delivery area.
Please make sure that the arrangements for delivery are explicit as
there are extra charges if no one is home at the time of delivery or
pick up, or for delivery or pick up at other than ground level.

Demurrage Charge
Unless arrangements are made prior to your renting equipment from us, an additional fee will be charged for every day the rental
unit is not returned to our store.

Loss or Damage
Responsibility for equipment remains with the renter from time of
receipt to time of return. Please be sure equipment is secured when
not in use and protected from the weather. We do charge for
missing, broken or rain damaged parts.

Damages and Cleaning charges
Customers will be charged for broken, damaged and missing items
not in use and protected from the weather. Check with the
management of hired halls, convention centers, restaurants and
parks to make sure they will take care of our equipment for you
before we have it delivered there on your behalf or should you have
to leave it there.


Cambro Food Carrier 19.00

Keep hot food hot and cold food cold with this amazing cambro insulated carrier

2" half size hotel pan 1.50

Keep hot food hot in our stainless steel hotel pans

Cambro hand wash station 15.00

Keep things safe with our Tacoma Pierce County Health Dept. approved hand wash station

3 Gallon Stock Pot 5.00

Great to cook large quanity of food. We have these up to 8 gallons in size

2" Full size hotel pan 2.00

Keep hot food hot in our stainless steel hotel pans

4" Full size hotel pan 3,00

Keep hot food hot in our stainless steel hotel pans

Roasting Pan

This thing is huge we have 4 Don't try to make do with lighter weight roasting pans when preparing turkey, whole hams, or other large cuts of meat when this Vollrath roasting pan can stand up to your toughest jobs with ease. This heavy duty roaster measures 20-7/8" by 17-3/8", and is a full 7" tall to help keep your oven cleaner and hold delicious juices in. The pan has handles on all four sides so you can grab it from the oven safely and securely. In fact, this product is so rugged that is standard equipment in the US Army field range, and can also be used as a grill. Features: •Standard Equipment With The U.S. Army Field Range •Handles On All Four Sides •Aluminum Dimensions: 20-7/8" x 17-3/8" x 7"


Pipe and drape comes in 8 foot high AND 7 TO 12 foot adjustable height Order by height and how wide you want will will help figure what you need

8 feet high by 10 wide white 19.50
12 Feet high by 24 feet wide white 64.50
12 feet high by 48 feet wide black 112.25

Base Plate 18×18″ 3.25
8′ upright $ 3.25 / each
3′ upright $ 3.25 / each
8′ – 14′ adjustable upright $ 5.00 / each
Base for 8′ upright $ 3.25 / each
Base for 3′ upright $ 3.25 / each
Base for 8′ – 14′ upright (large pin) $ 3.25 / each
Crossbar, adjustable 8′ – 12′ width $ 3.25 / each

Drape, 48″ x 8′ Black 3.25
Drape, 48″ x 8′ white $ 3.25 / each
Drape, 48″ x 8′ black $ 3.25 / each
Drape, 48″ x 3′ white $ 3.25 / each
Drape, 48″ x 3′ black $ 3.25 / each
Drape, 48″ x 12′ white $ 5.00 / each
Drape, 48″ x 12′ black $ 5.00 / each

If we are delivering your pipe and drape, setup is include


Giant Bounce House w/Slide 249.99

Fantastic fun and will be the hit of the party

Classic Dunk Tank 499.99

Have fun with this great crowd pleaser

Giant Raffle Barrel only 25.

Mini Bounce Castle 129.99

Great for smaller kids

  Balloon Splash the Green Dunk Tank

Up and fill with water

  • Uses up to 500 gallons water
  • Must be towed to location
  • Not handicapped Accessible
  • Guests easily injured climbing up and down to platform
  • Outdoor use only

Balloon Splash Only 99.

  • Uses Little to no water
  • Fits in your Car
  • Very Handicap Friendly
  • Very safe as no
  • climbing up and down
    to platform
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use

Great ways to play Balloon Splash
1. CLASSIC – Use full 11″ or 12″ water balloons. Pitch the ball, hit the target and SPLASH! Extra fun for fund raisers when you charge $1 to $5 for 3 throws. Sometimes kids will line up and pay just to sit in the chair to be the one splashed!

2. LITE – Fill 11″ balloons with 1 quart (or less) of water, inflate the rest with air. Same fun action, less water used (good when it’s chilly out, or you’re indoors with a kiddie pool to catch the water).

3. CONFETTI – Use confetti instead of water in balloons (make your own with a funnel). Great for indoors, or when your VIP good sport really doesn’t want to get wet! Also adds a great popping sound!

4. SLIME! (OR APPLESAUCE OR PUDDING)- Kids have seen it on TV, so make it happen for wild and crazy events. Insert food-colored applesauce or pudding through a funnel (fill about 1/2 full) and inflate the rest with air. Be prepared to clean up though.

5. FLOUR- In a POP! your splashee looks like a powdered donut! Funnel in simple white flour (about 1/2 cup does fine), and fill the rest with air. Nice variety especially for indoor fun. SPLASHEE- A tame but fun game for little tikes. With someone ready to be splashed (we recommend just a little water as in #2 above), the “pitcher” is blindfolded and given a splash bomb ball. Instead of throwing, they’re turned around 3 times and told to push the ball into the target.

6 . WHEELCHAIR- Finally, a dunking game for fun loving people with disabilities. Balloon Splash can be played in wheelchairs, by both the pitcher and the splashee!