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Helium Tank Rentals
1. Set it in a secure location-
2. Remove metal safety cap (if applies)
3. Gently screw on inflater valve, do not over tighter
4. Fill balloons till just inflated Do Not Overfill Balloons


balloons you need?

Genuine Non Flammable gas helium Gas

Safety warning:

All helium tank cylinders need to be secured; this is the renter's
responsibility. Helium is a non-toxic, non-flammable gas, however it
is dangerous to breathe in the gas from the cylinder, or even from
an inflated balloon. We recommend that you transport the helium
tank cylinder in the trunk of your car. If you must transport it in the
passenger compartment, make sure it is secured and you have at
least one window open at all times

Delivery Information

Delivery of our helium tanks are available at a nominal fee.

Delivery and pick-up will be made to ground level, to easily
accessible buildings and yards. There is an additional charge for
upstairs, downstairs, long distance hauling and for deliveries
outside of our normal delivery area.

Please make sure that the arrangements for delivery are explicit as
there are extra charges if no one is home at the time of delivery or
pick up, or for delivery or pick up at other than ground level.

Demurrage Charge

Unless arrangements are made prior to your renting equipment
from us, an additional fee will be charged for every day the rental
unit is not returned to our store.

Loss or Damage

Responsibility for equipment remains with the renter from time of
receipt to time of return. Please be sure equipment is secured when
not in use and protected from the weather. We do charge for
missing, broken or rain damaged parts.

Damages and Cleaning charges

Customers will be charged for broken, damaged and missing items
not in use and protected from the weather. Check with the
management of hired halls, convention centers, restaurants and
parks to make sure they will take care of our equipment for you
before we have it delivered there on your behalf or should you have
to leave it there.
$109..  -  Tank with 40 cubic feet (for 75 11"balloons or 135 9" Balloons)

159. - Tank with 80 cubic feet (for 150 11"balloons or 225 9" Balloons)

$225. - Tank with 125 cubic feet (for 240 11"balloons or 450+ 9" Balloons)
Includes valve

FREE Pickup or 50. Delivery
Helium is in extremely Short Supply at this
time and we may not have it in stock or may
run out without notice.

Sorry for any inconvenience